Kim becomes co-owner of Belgian natural sports nutrition brand Innerme

28 March 2019

Innerme Organic Sports Nutrition proudly announces that Kim Clijsters became a co-owner of the Belgian natural sports nutrition brand. She will be responsible for providing the already fast-growing Innerme with the potency needed nationally. Founder Dirk Baelus and Kim found each other in their love for healthy food, a key to success in both their sports careers. Under the impulse of Kim, they plan on expanding the Innerme-range in 2020.

Innerme found the ideal partner in Kim Clijsters. The former tennis player has been interested in healthy and natural food for years. Moreover, it was one of the fundamental keys to her own success. It is therefore not surprising that, once Kim got acquainted with the brand in 2013, she immediately became a fan. Dirk: ‘’I still remember very well that I was participating in a sports event along the coast in 2013. Kim was the patron of that event. She literally came over to give me a pad on the shoulders as she was a fan of Innerme even back then. I later gave Kim a workshop on natural nutrition.”

Despite the fact that Innerme’s turnover doubled in 2018, they noticed the brand is insufficiently known in Belgium. The company wanted to address that fact by bringing a new shareholder on board, someone with potency in the Belgian sports world and far beyond. That’s the role Kim will take on from now on. Kim: “After my tennis career ended, healthy and natural food continued to play an important role in my sporting and family life. The collaboration with Innerme is a project close to my heart.”

Founder Dirk and the team of shareholders attach great value to the knowledge, experience and network of their partners. Dirk: “I have learned throughout the years that it takes more than capital and sales channels alone to make a brand big. I am therefore extremely happy and proud of this cooperation with Kim. A great addition to our already smoothly operating team of shareholders.” Innerme was already able to count on the admiration of multiple top athletes. Belgian toppers such as Dennis Goossens (Olympic gymnastics), Tim Brys & Niels Van Zandweghe (Olympic rowing), Frans Claes (mountain bike), Arthur De Greef (tennis), Nele Gilis (squash), Bert Jammaer (triathlon)… they all use the products of Innerme because of the exceptionally high quality. They experience that daily training sessions can only be supported by pure and natural nutrition.

The daily training sessions that go along with top-level sports, are very demanding for the body. If using the wrong nutrition or nutrition containing refined sugars, synthetic ingredients and preservatives, your body also has to recover from those substances. In other words, it means double body loads and is therefore counterproductive. The nutrition of Innerme is body-friendly: it is optimally ingested by the body and it nurtures in the broadest sense of the word. It is not “dead” food. Stomach and intestinal complaints are extremely rare when using Innerme. Moreover, organic food is not only good for the athlete, but also for the climate. Organic ingredients are cultivated with more respect for nature.

About Innerme:

Innerme is one of the few players in Europe with a full range of natural, organic and vegetal sports nutrition. Innerme’s assortment consists of energy bars, energy gels, protein shakes, protein bars, energy drinks, thirst-quenchers and healthy snacks. The line currently consists of 14 different products. Only organic ingredients are used for the products, such as rice, sesame seed, agave, freeze-dried fruit, herbs, peas, hemp, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, almond, ... Innerme mainly focuses on the Belgian, Dutch and French market to grow further from there in Europe. Dirk Baelus introduced the brand to the market in 2012 with energy bars in 3 different flavours. The turnover grew every year. A surprising twist emerged in 2014: Innerme was taken-over by Marc Coucke’s Omega Pharma. The latter was looking for a natural sports nutrition line, in addition to Etixx. But because Omega Pharma was in turn taken-over a year later by the American company Perrigo, there was no more room for Innerme. In November 2016, Dirk Baelus, together with some partners, repurchased the brand Innerme. They then saw the company revenue double in 2018. “Nature keeps you going”

For any inquiry, please contact Kim's management team


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