“I want to help gifted young players that have the same dream as me... but can’t afford it. ’’

Where's the next Kim?

TEN4KIM is a nonprofit founded by Kim, that aims to help talented young players accomplish their dream of becoming a professional tennis player by providing financial support in the early stages of their career.

"Every professional tennis player that we see on TV today has had some form of financial support in the past. Not supporting top juniors today, is a loss of talent for the future."
-Kim Clijsters-

What does it take to become “the next Kim”?

  • Travel required :
    • 10-15 international tournaments/year from the age of 14
  • Training required :
    • 20 hours of tennis/week 
    • 10 hours fitness/week
  • Costs per year (training + travel/competition) :
    • €40-50,000/year
  • Average age to reach "professional player" status (top 100):
    • women: 24,7 years old
    • men: 27,2 years old

Meaning it takes at least 10 years and €400-500.000 minimum, to reach professional player status.

What will TEN4KIM do?

TEN4KIM financially supports talented young players by contributing (solely) to: 

  • training costs
  • tournament costs

How does TEN4KIM work?

  • TEN4KIM's financial support will be completely controlled and administered via reimbursement by its own committee, not by parents or players themselves.
  • TEN4KIM is affiliated with the King Baudouin Foundation.
  • Succession plan: Players achieving Grand Slam Acceptance (i.e. ATP or WTA ranking of 104 or better) in the future, shall reimburse to the TEN4KIM foundation a portion of what they received in the past to support the next generation.

Who runs TEN4KIM?

Management team:

  • Kim Clijsters (Chairwoman)
  • Herman Schepers (Ernst & Young - consultancy)
  • Bart Van Der Meersch (Notary - legal)
  • Romain Piette (Accountancy)

Technical committee:

  • Kim Clijsters (Chairwoman)
  • Carl Maes (Tennis screening)
  • Sam Verslegers (Medical/Fitness screening)
  • Filip Dewulf (tennis journalist)
  • External advisors


  • Judge and select players with expert technical advice
  • Decide on the financial support's distribution and channels

Interested in becoming a partner of TEN4KIM?

We'd love to have you on board. For more information, or to set up a meeting, please contact Carl Maes via e-mail or call +32 495 322 766.

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